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Shared Insights

View and share monthly and quarterly performance reports with board members, investors, key stakeholders & ad partners. So you can work together on improving growth, increase margins and avoid last minute surprises.

Consolidated reporting

View revenue and KPIs across all of your desktop, mobile, display, video, native, ad partners including RTB, Direct and performance with immediate reporting of worldwide or site level revenues on a single powerful dashboard.

Simple Tools

Simple tools for everyone to use. Everyone can get involved and click to create reports, CEOs, Directors, and Interns can collaborate, track and measure performance.

Personalised support

We provide full account management to ensure you’re getting full value out of your Viewex Revenue Analytics dashboard and aim to respond to requests within 24 hours.

Seemless integration

We’ll setup and configure Viewex Revenue Analytics to meet your needs and provide you with the tools and training to give your business with the headstart it needs.

Robust and scalable infrasrtructure

Viewex is built on AWS servers supported by a global network of experts, strategically positioned data centres which safely process and store data for over 100 websites.

Make smarter decisions with meaningful analytics.

Evaluate how your ad revenue and partners are performing over time and make effective business decisions. The metrics you need to grow your business.


With our advanced SAAS platform you will get:

One platform with all your data

See creative asset management data and viewability data displayed alongside your ad server data exactly how you want to see it. Viewex connections include AOL One Creative, MOAT and Celtra and we're adding more integrations everyday. Save hours of time manually logging into third party UIs and endless CTRL-C CTRL-V merging of data.

Metrics you can act on

Successful web publishing businesses are built on a foundation of actionable metrics. Explore your data and discover powerful insights using Viewex’s flexible user interface and hundreds of pre consolidated metrics...

Instant activation and reports in seconds

We put customers first. With Instant account activation you'll be able to login and start running reports straight away. If you want to connect a new ad partner we'll do it for you. If you want to see a new metric in your report we'll add it. We've worked in ad ops we know how busy you are. The best kind of service is a managed service!

Simple tools that everyone can use

Our super-simple click to create report builder is super simple to use. Everyone on the team can get involved, create and save reports with ease. No expertise and no coding knowledge required.

Impressive Management Reports

Real time data for C-level, board and team meetings. Viewex presents all of the key information you need in an easy to understand format and lets you see what fluctuations are occurring month to month making it much easier to track growth, monitor decision ROI and keep your ad revenue on target.

Viewex Management Reports give you tools to dig down and understand your data. You’ll have more than enough detail to see why your numbers are moving in the way that they are.

More opportunity to optimise + 25% of your time back

Advertising operations can save up to 40 hours per month (per person) with Viewex Performance Reports. Viewex accurately displays a comprehensive range of customisable real-time performance reports including: line item and creative optimisation reports, pacing reports, EoC reports and more.

You'll have instant reports on everything you need to ensure smooth delivery of ads, optimise campaign performance, achieve revenue goals and time back to scale your business.

All pacing + delivery indicators together in one view

Pacing line items is much easier when you’ve got the right tools in place. Viewex gives you actual and forecasted delivery indicators alongside verified third party stats. Instant intelligence available to you every morning without the time overhead. Automate daily pacing reports today and keep your revenue on track.

Beautiful post-campaign reports

You invest a lot of time and effort running and optimising campaigns and you want to demonstrate this value to your client. Viewex automated campaign reports, are beautiful client-ready post campaign reports generated at the click of a button. Your dedicated account manager will work with you to configure your template, build your metrics and edit styling to meet you needs.

Data quality you can rely on

You know how your data should look but you don't want to spend valuable time manually checking everything. Introducing Viewex DataBot! Viewex DataBot proprietary data quality assurance and tiered alerting technology monitors your data 24/7 informs you to data quality risks and provides you with the tools to maintain quality in your data sets. Viewex DataBot keeps watch over your data 24 hours a day and day 7 days a week. With Viewex you know the reports you generate are accurate and reliable.

Weekly reports with everything you need

We appreciate that running a website takes time, which is why we send your most significant data straight to your inbox. Rolling metrics will help you quickly see if the trends are turning. Have some fun with your numbers.

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